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Scientists Just Received a Massively Powerful Signal Coming from Deep Space

06 August 2018

"The event is clearly detected at frequencies as low as 580 MHz and represents the first detection of an FRB at radio frequencies below 700 MHz". "It could even be some other physical mechanism we don't yet understand", said Christopher Conselice, a professor at the University of Nottingham, who also added that the newly identified mysterious alien radio signal from deep space might help scientists understand FRB signals better.

Fast radio bursts are extremely unusual, with the first discovered in 2007 and only two dozen recorded since then. According to the sources, this is the lowest frequency FRB in history - picked up by CHIME at a frequency below 700 MHz.

The CHIME project is unique because it has a fast survey instrument that can search for the fast radio bursts over an instantaneous field of view around 200 square degrees in real time.

The new Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment (CHIME) telescope, located in British Columbia, Canada, has the goal of scanning the space for radio signals and listening to them.

The reason this FRB, named FRB 180725A, was so special?

This puzzling radio signal, dubbed as FRB 180725A is the lowest radio burst ever detected from beyond our galaxy, the Milky Way, and, as the experts agree, its source must be a very powerful one. In a diagram measuring the radio frequency over time, there is a clear bright streak beginning below 600 MHz.

CHIME is located in British Columbia and its FRB from last month was reported in a post by the Astronomer's Telegram.

Most of the time such kind of radio telescopes don't hear anything that's abnormal, but now an unexplained signal made its way through the noise. CHIME was created to detect ancient radio waves sent out when the universe was just a toddler, some 6 billion to 11 billion years ago.

No one knows what this mysterious signal is, where it came from, or why it suddenly crossed Earth's radar.

Researchers are not ruling out the possibility that these fast radio signals, which only last a few milliseconds, might be sent out by an advanced alien civilization residing in the depths of space. Other possible origins include supernovas (exploding stars), supermassive black holes or various other sources of mighty electromagnetic radiation, such as pulsars. FRB, was by astronomers here on Earth are incredibly large distances from sources located so far away in space that we can't even see them.

Scientists Just Received a Massively Powerful Signal Coming from Deep Space