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Pompeo: Sanctions to be enforced until Iran 'behaves like a normal country'

06 August 2018

"At 9:00 pm (1630 GMT on Friday) they attacked the school and tried to break the doors down and burn things", Fars quoted the head of the school in the town of Ishtehad, Hojatoleslam Hindiani, as saying, giving only his clerical rank and no first name.

It gave only his clerical rank, Hojatoleslam, not his given name.

To encourage Iranians to return their hard cash to the economy, the plan allows the central bank to set up dollar savings accounts for ordinary people, state television said.

"There have been advances made in the past two weeks, and I believe there are signs that (Iran's) Interests Section office would open and become active".

These have been impossible to verify and the authorities have charged that they are promoted by foreign-based opposition groups funded by the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

The plunge in the currency and soaring inflation have sparked sporadic demonstrations against profiteering and corruption, with many protesters chanting anti-government slogans.

Because foreign media are barred from observing "unauthorised" protests, it has been impossible to verify any of these claims or the videos of protests spreading on social media.

"Most have two passports and their families are overseas".

He alluded to Trump's suggestion last week of the potential for future negotiations with Tehran, a notion that senior Iranian officials quickly rejected.

Despite opposition from European allies, Donald Trump in May pulled the United States out of a 2015 deal between world powers and Tehran under, which worldwide sanctions were lifted in return for curbs on Iran's nuclear programme.

A deepening of Iran's economic crisis could also lead to an influx of refugees and migrants into Europe like that seen on the heels of the Syrian conflict.

The US has told other countries they must halt imports of Iranian oil starting in early November or face financial measures.

"Iran, and its economy, is going very bad, and fast!" he added.

Trump's offer for dialogue came after Pompeo seemed to suggest support for a change in Iran leadership, telling an audience of Iranian expats in California that the regime had been a "nightmare".

The White House is on the verge of reinstating sanctions against the Islamic Republic that were lifted following the historic nuclear deal sealed between Tehran and world powers in 2015.

Iranians accuse "political leaders of leading the country into ruin with mismanagement and corruption - and, now, new United States sanctions promise to make things even tougher", DW TV reported on Sunday.

Iran Air announced it would take delivery of five ATR aircraft from the French-Italian firm on Sunday, sneaking under the wire before the sanctions return.

"It's an important part of our efforts to push back against Iranian malign activity", he said.

"This is just about Iranians' dissatisfaction with their own government", he said.

Pompeo: Sanctions to be enforced until Iran 'behaves like a normal country'