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Macron, May to discuss Brexit at dinner in southern France

06 August 2018

France bans smartphones and tablets use in schools.

French president Emmanuel Macron had promised to institute stricter legislation of this nature while running for office a year ago, with a Parliament vote of 62 to 1 finally supporting the campaign pledge, although a number of elected political opponents chose to abstain from formally expressing their opinion.

France has banned smartphones in schools up to age 14 or 15 in a vote by lawmakers on Monday.

Critics of the legislation, who refrained from casting votes, decried it as being a "publicity stunt", the outlet reported. But experts fear excessive mobile phone use and the allure of the internet may be fuelling cyber-addiction, sleep disruption and bullying. Years ago, they brought the same law into the function, but later they had to remove that ban from students.

"The general ban on mobile phones in schools and colleges has been definitively adopted by the National Assembly today", he said.

Schools may make exceptions for "pedagogical use", extra-curricular activities, or for disabled pupils.

Secondary schools are reportedly given the choice to opt-in on the full ban or enforce a less strict version.

An earlier law passed in 2010 prohibits students from using smartphones during class but not between classes or during meal times. It has been treated as a matter of public health as concerns about France's youth being unable to shake off its addiction to constant connectivity mount.

"In reality, the ban has already been made".

A French student puts his smartphone in an envelope to give to supervisors before an exam at the Arago high school in Paris, in this file photo. Another study by the London School of Economics and Political Science demonstrated that banning smartphones in the classroom had a direct and positive effect on test scores.

Macron, May to discuss Brexit at dinner in southern France