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Venezuela's President Maduro Survives Military Parade Attack

05 August 2018

Maduro and those standing around him, including Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez, were fine.

Venezuela's government says several explosions heard at a military event were an attempted attack on President Nicolas Maduro.

Soldiers lined up for the event broke ranks, and the transmission of the event abruptly ended.

"We are going to bet for the good of our country", Maduro declared triumphantly. Several flying objects, like drones, containing explosives were detonated close to the presidential platform and in some locations along the parade.

The moment Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro's speech was interrupted by approaching drones laden with explosives was captured on video.

"All of the work we have done immediately after has allowed us to establish with evidence that it was an assassination attempt", Mr. Rodriguez said in a brief televised appearance.

After the explosions, the Caracas fire service said there was a building on fire in central Caracas.

Firefighters at the scene were disputing the government's account, AP said.

Venezuela's government routinely accuses opposition activists of plotting to attack and overthrow Maduro, a deeply unpopular leader who was recently elected to a new term in office in a vote decried by dozens of nations.

The country's economic turmoil compares to Germany's after World War I and Zimbabwe's at the beginning of the last decade, International Monetary Fund officials said, adding that Venezuela's economic contraction ranks among the world's deepest in six decades.

Venezuela's President Maduro Survives Military Parade Attack