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Android P to be officially released on 20th August, claims leak

05 August 2018

According to trusted smartphone insider Evan Blass, the latest version of Android is rolling out on August 20.

Google both released the full version of Android 8.0 and unveiled the name of the version: Oreo, as well as a statue on August 22nd past year - so the timing is about right. You don't really need to work overtime to crack that code.

Google has been rigorously testing Android P since the beginning of this year. It may be called just Android P, but most believe that that is highly unlikely, with Android 9.0 Popsicle sounding like a more believable name in the progression from Nougat and Oreo. Any Harry Potter fans might be looking out for an Android Puking Pastille, though the name would be a mouthful - and not a delicious one. Google also promises to be the most secure Android software ever.

Slices provides templates for user interfaces, with support for toggles, scrolling content and other interactive functions. Since then, we've seen five developer previews and four betas for a bunch of devices. The adaptive battery feature is another added feature in Android P. Google has utilized artificial intelligence and the machine learning technology for this feature. Now from the GeekBench scoresheet, we have details on the RAM, processing section and other details. Tapping the button will allow you to rotate the screen, without having to enable automatic screen rotation.

Not only has the UI changed but so has the way you navigate your phone.

Once Android P arrives manufacturers will quickly start making the necessary changes so they can send it to owners. We can expect navigation gestures, several features to keep check of your smartphone usage, an improved do not disturb mode, app actions and slices.

Android P to be officially released on 20th August, claims leak