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Gallery: The blood moon lunar eclipse offers thrilling views

29 July 2018

Astronomers and stargazers across the world were mesmerised by the longest blood moon eclipse on Friday night.

An effect created on the slow shutter speed showing the the moon turn red during the lunar eclipse, in Jammu, the winter capital of Kashmir, India. The period of complete eclipse-known as "totality", when the moon appears darkest-lasted from 1930 to 2113 GMT.

Some Britons had better luck however, with the Grenadier Guards stationed in Iraq posting images showing troops gazing at a red-sheened moon hanging in a clear sky.

Astronomy enthusiasts in Bern might have seen this view over the Church of the Holy Spirit as the sun, Earth and moon aligned with each other.

As per Christian belief, the blood moon is said to signify the second arrival of Jesus Christ, as stated in Joel 2:31: "The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and awful day of the Lord come". Were you fortunate enough to snap some shots of the blood moon too? "The skies have cleared, there's no clouds and it's managed to give us an excellent view of the moon as it went slowly from fully lit orb to dusty coppery ball". It depends partly on "how cloudy or transparent those parts of the Earth's atmosphere are which enable sunlight to reach the moon", he told AFP.

Everybody heard of this eclipse, even though it wasn't noticeable from North America. The moon remained visible during the eclipse and was illuminated by a reddish light caused by the sun's rays being filtered by the earth's atmosphere. - AFP A man looks through a telescope at a "blood moon" eclipse in Oloika town in Magadi, Kenya.

The long duration of this eclipse is partly due to the fact that the moon will make a near-central passage through Earth's umbra - the darkest, most central part of the shadow. NASA, meanwhile, called out social media hoaxers claiming that Mars would appear as big as the moon during the eclipse. Experts estimate that Mars' brightness will persist for several weeks.

If you are in a location where the eclipse will be seen, you do not need any special sunglasses or other protective gear like you would for a solar eclipse, since lunar eclipses are not anywhere near the same as looking at the sun.

Gallery: The blood moon lunar eclipse offers thrilling views