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Scientists Seek End to 'unscientific' HIV Laws

26 July 2018

MenStar will expand the diagnosis and treatment of HIV infections in men aged 24-35, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, who data show access HIV testing and treatment at lower rates than their female counterparts.

Globally nearly 37 million people around the world live with HIV, with around 450,000 people in 20 countries using dolutegravir to treat their HIV.

Kenya reported good progress in the war against HIV/AIDS at the ongoing summit in Amsterdam, Wednesday, even as it emerged that the world could be facing an HIV prevention crisis.The National AIDS Control Council (NACC) Chief Executive Officer Dr Nduku Kilonzo said Kenya had achieved significant milestones in taming the numbers of new infections and also reducing cases of mother-to-child transmission (eMTCT) of the virus.

Limited access to education, a lack of economic autonomy and a lack of decision-making power, including over their own health, expose them to intimate partner violence, limit their ability to practise safer s3x and limit their ability to benefit from HIV and s3xual and reproductive health services, making them more vulnerable to HIV infection.

Of those 30 new infections each hour among 15 to 19 year-olds in 2017, around 20 - or two-thirds - were in girls, UNICEF said, representing a "crisis of health as well as a crisis of agency".

The new results of the Namibia Population-Based HIV Impact Assessment (NAMPHIA) show that the country is now at 86:96:91, said the permanent secretary of health Petronella Masabane.

UNAIDS says the fight against the AIDS epidemic - in which 37 million people worldwide are infected with the incurable HIV virus - is at a "precarious point", with deaths falling, treatment rates rising, but rates of new HIV infections stubbornly high.

Speaking at the launch, which also featured South African actress Charlize Theron and Ndaba Mandela, the grandson of late President Nelson Mandela, Elton John said: 'If we want to end AIDS once and for all, we must make men part of the solution'.

It sheds a light on the global AIDS crisis, and how girls are bearing the brunt of the epidemic.

"We need to make girls and women secure enough economically that they don't have to turn to sex work", she said.

"Through our efforts, we aim to provide HIV treatment to an additional 1 million men and support over 90% of men in this age group to be virally suppressed to effectively interrupt HIV transmission." she said.

"Young people have grown up, they are incredibly mobile, they are moving, they have forgotten that HIV is a risk factor... we can't let up on that message, otherwise it just blows up again".

Scientists Seek End to 'unscientific' HIV Laws