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Trump Questions NATO Mutual Defense Pact, Citing Montenegro

21 July 2018

"He's the strangest president in the history of the United States", said Ranko Krivokapic, former president of the Montenegro Parliament and current head of the opposition Social Democratic Party, who like 8,724 other people this week noted Trump is "playing right into Putin's hands". "I've asked the same question".

"Let's say Montenegro, which joined previous year. why should my son go to Montenegro to defend it from attack?".

Russian Federation was vehemently opposed to Montenegro's joining the alliance, issuing statements of opposition.

The only time Article 5 was invoked was on behalf of the USA following the 9/11 attacks in 2001.

This interview has gone viral on social media where people are comparing Trump's declaration to the famous article of May 4, 1939, which asked: "Why die for Danzig?", which encouraged Hitler to invade Poland in September of that year.

Montenegro's statement respectfully but firmly negated Trump's claims.

Montenegro said it cherishes its strong friendship with the USA and insisted it is a peaceful partner after President Donald Trump described the country as a potential threat to world peace. They are very aggressive people, they may get aggressive, and congratulations, you're in World War III.

Trump said on Twitter Wednesday that the meeting was "an acknowledged triumph", taking credit for members pledging to meet their commitments.

Trump's comments came after a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation meeting in Brussels last week in which he upbraided allies for not living up to an agreement on how much they should pay on defense.

They are angry however at proposals by US lawmakers to question Trump's translator. Fox News host Tucker Carlson asked the United States president about the country of 620,000. And Montenegro, a small Balkan nation southwest of Serbia, is considered particularly vulnerable.

Infuriated that the west should encroach on areas long viewed as falling within its own sphere of influence, Moscow reacted with barely concealed fury, going so far as to support a coup in 2016 against the government of then prime minister, Milo Đukanović. The president also criticized Germany for a natural gas pipeline deal with Russian Federation, saying it made the country "captive" to Russian Federation.

The president suggested he would be unhappy defending "tiny" Montenegro if it were attacked, calling into question NATO's central principle of mutual defence.

After traveling to Belgium and Britain, Trump stunned the world in Finland on Monday by failing to hold Putin accountable for meddling in the 2016 USA election as the two stood side-by-side.

In 2014, every member of the alliance agreed that by 2024 they would each spend 2 percent of their national wealth on defense. "There was a steady decline in Montenegrin-Russian relations, which traditionally had been very good, from 2014 onward", added Morrison, a leading authority on Montenegro.

Trump Questions NATO Mutual Defense Pact, Citing Montenegro