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Obit, memorial service of 5-year-old Iowa boy gets attention

15 July 2018

He wanted his parents to serve snow cones and for Batman to be apart of it. Similar to that, in one of the boy's favorite movies Thor.

As he battled a rare form of cancer called alveolar fusion negative rhabdomyosarcoma, Garrett Michael Matthias, a.k.a.

The youngster, who lived in Iowa, was asked a series of questions by his devoted parents, Emilie and Ryan Matthias before he passed away. "When I read it, I'm just like "wow".

Garrett said he wanted to become a gorilla so he could "throw poo at Dad". And in terms of being either "burned of buried", he says: "I want to be burned (like when Thor's Mommy died) and made into a tree so I can live in it when I'm a gorilla".

Emilie Matthias, the boy's mother, told the Des Moines Register that in the months prior to Garrett's passing they attended several funerals of other cancer patients and he was confused as to why funerals were sad.

"During that time he never lost his sense of humour and loved to tease the doctors and nurses".

Garrett was "forever a prankster" who would even "haze" his new doctors, according to his obituary.

Garrett's obituary begins with his name: Garrett Michael Boofias, the way Garrett pronounced it.

In the tear-jerking passage, Garrett lists his favorite superheroes as "Batman...and Thor, Iron Man, the Hulk and Cyborg". He loved thrash metal and playing with his sister and with Legos.

Emilie and Ryan Matthias remember their son Garrett
'See ya later, suckas': Boy, 5, writes own obituary before dying of cancer

Under his dislikes Garrett listed needles, trousers and his "stupid dirty cancer", among other things. In June, Ryan and Emilie were told their little boy's disease was terminal. He had a tumor in the temporal bone in his head, she said, and in his inner ear.

The youngster's family have vowed to fight for a cure for pediatric cancer "until no other kids are robbed of their childhood". He says that when he grows up, he wants to be a professional boxer.

At a hospital in Iowa City last month, he got his wish when a boxing club brought him a pair of gloves and taught him how to throw a few punches, which KCCI captured on video. What I really didn't want was for his obituary to be ordinary and to have a really sad funeral. Sounds like Garrett just yapping at me. "Can I bring these home?"

"You know why does it have to be sad", Emilie said tearfully. He died July 6 after battling cancer. "For Garrett and many others before him - cancer kills".

Five-year-old Garrett Matthias endured months of brutal treatment for a rare cancer that ultimately took his life July 6.

It was then his family made a decision to give Garrett, who died last Friday (July 6), the wacky funeral he wished for: Five bouncy houses, snow cones, other carnival fare and fireworks. Besides snow cones, carnival games and fireworks, an archer will shoot a flaming arrow onto a small boat carrying Garrett's ashes in a neighbor's pond.

His responses, his mom said Friday, make up the obituary.

The obituary concluded with some parting words from The Great Garrett Underpants: "See ya later, suckas!" "The Great Garrett Underpants", composed his own obituary that's as poignant as it is amusing.

Obit, memorial service of 5-year-old Iowa boy gets attention