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Pakistan elections: Imran Khan, Hafiz Saeed's son in terror hit-list

14 July 2018

In his remarks, chief justice said investigation was yet to be initiated in fake accounts case and the case warrants probe if there are actually some financial irregularities.

"We need to give them support they have asked for", Ghafoor said in the garrison city of Rawalpindi, near Islamabad. "We don't have a loyalty", Military spokesman Major General Asif Ghafoor said.

Imran, a prime ministerial hopeful, can not can not read the Quran, Reham says, a charge that might be potent enough to upset his political ride. The Bollywood star, who is not named in the book, but described as the "sexiest star" of that decade and a "bombshell", had apparently dismissed her experience with Khan as "naam baray or darshan chotay".

"But the tilt is more obvious (as it appears) PML-N will not be allowed to come to power and definitely PTI is the favourite of our establishment", he added, referring to elements of the military, judiciary and civil service. Now he defends his alliance with the electables as necessary.

In a statement submitted to the FIA, they stated that they were busy in the party's election campaign and therefore couldn't appear.

"I am fighting elections in Pakistan, not Europe", Khan told the English-language Dawn newspaper last week. "I want to win". The killing is not only judicial: in Pakistan, people are also lynched if they say something a tinpot local vigilante, or just a small-time religious nut, or for that matter a guy who thinks you looked at his sister amusing, wish to view as disrespectful to the prophet, and the body count is not trivial.

She also says the 65-year-old is a black magic practitioner.

It also named people who identified themselves as military officers and who had been "pressuring our party members and supporters to switch to the King's party".

The upcoming election is due to be held at a time of growing political instability, with the ruling PML-N party accusing the powerful military, which has ruled Pakistan for about half its history since independence in 1947, of interfering in politics and trying to weaken it.

Sharif, who was last week sentenced to 10 years in prison on charges linked to corruption, has alleged the military and its security agency has been pressing his party's candidates to switch loyalties.

Pakistan elections: Imran Khan, Hafiz Saeed's son in terror hit-list