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Fox News trumpets video of Trump trashing CNN as 'fake news'

14 July 2018

"Well, we're a real network, too, Mr. President", Acosta replied.

The spat, and Trump's attacks on a trio of outlets, drew a response from White House Correspondents Association head Margaret Talev.

The leaders faced sharp questions at a news conference following their talks, which came between a reportedly contentious meeting of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation representatives and Trump's upcoming summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

A major topic at the press conference was the fallout from an interview that Trump gave to The Sun, a British tabloid owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp., in which he criticized the way that May handled negotiations for the British exit from the European Union. The shocking remarks dominated news coverage in the United Kingdom and the U.S. as Trump began a day of meetings with May on Friday. He accused The Sun of leaving out his positive comments about May. He called the Sun's account "fake news". "It didn't put in what I said about the prime minister and I said tremendous things". The interview, however, was recorded. The interview, which can be viewed below, thanks to MSNBC's Morning Joe, prove that Trump in fact did criticize May, and that there was absolutely nothing fake about the original article from The Sun. "Get it from Sarah", he said, referring to press secretary Sarah Sanders.

The Sun - Britain's largest-selling paper - offered its own statement after Trump's remarks. "Fortunately we tend to record stories now so we have it for your enjoyment if you would like it".

Welker was referring to that interview when she said Trump had criticized May "on her own soil", but the Sun had noted the interview was recorded before the USA president arrived in the UK.

Trump spoke at a news conference with May following meetings at her official country estate outside of London.

He called on NBC's Kristen Welker, who asked, "Are you giving Russian president Vladimir Putin the upper hand heading into your talks, given that you are challenging these alliances that he seeks to break up and destroy?" "Of course, it happens to be NBC, which is possibly worse than CNN".

"Since you attacked CNN can I ask you a question?". "To issue a blanket condemnation of the network as "fake news" is ... unfair". Trump responded by saying, "I don't take questions from CNN", and finished with, "CNN is fake news".

Trump then called on Fox News correspondent John Roberts and called Fox "real news". The move swiftly sparked backlash from critics on social media.

Because clearly, that's what Acosta would have done if the president blew off Fox News? LOL. Lesson for the kids out there: "no one should ever try to do the right thing with the expectation that it will ever be reciprocated".

Trump ignored him, calling on a Fox News correspondent instead. She's as honest as the day is long. "I don't take questions from CNN".

"I used to work at CNN".

Fox News trumpets video of Trump trashing CNN as 'fake news'