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What would a new Air Force One look like under Trump?

13 July 2018

The White House announced in February that it struck a deal with Boeing over the development of two new Air Force One planes.

The White House announced the deal would save taxpayers $1.4 billion, as the cost will be a reduction from the initial $5 billion estimate for the new planes.

The current coloring dates back to the early 1960s, when President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jackie Kennedy had industrial designer Raymond Loewy redesign the plane pro bono.

The presidential motorcade, which includes two identical limousines, nicknamed The Beast, and other security and communications vehicles, is brought across by US Air Force transport aircraft.

A report from the DC insider yentas at Axios suggests that President Donald Trump is considering a new "more American" look for Air Force One compared to its current pain job, which the president described as "Jackie Kennedy color". Per Axios, this "could cause friction" with Air Force officers who are content with the current paint job "known around the world".

Though Trump is commissioning the changes, he may not see them unless he is re-elected. Harry Truman left behind Roosevelt's nondescript "Sacred Cow" for the eye-catching "Independence", painted as an eagle.

So if you think your next weekend away involves a lot of planning, take a look at what the presidential entourage is made up of. But will his iconic ride soon be changing?

The president also reportedly requested the presidential bed on the new plane receive an upgrade from its couch-like sleeping quarters to a more comfortable arrangement.

What would a new Air Force One look like under Trump?