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Update your Instagram to use the new Questions sticker

13 July 2018

Fortunately though, Instagram will keep the identity of the users private when the post is shared in a new story, although the original user can still see the identity of the person that asked the question. Now, the Facebook-owned company has added the ability to ask questions in its Stories, a feature I'm surprised wasn't already there.

'Type out your prompt then place it wherever you'd like and share it to your story'.

Tap any question you'd like to answer and it'll create a new story for your response.

But don't worry, while users will be able to see who asked them the question, their question will show up anonymously when made public in your story. People seeing Stories that contain a question can respond by tapping the sticker in the story, then type a question to ask in return if they wish. The "questions" sticker is then available in the first few rows of the stickers.

Instagram has been adding new features left and right to entice users, especially those who are still avid Snapchat users.

The app is increasingly geared toward a more "creative" experience, including a colour-matching tool for text, and an alignment tool for text and stickers.

The Questions sticker is as easy as using the other stickers like Poll, GIFs and so on.

To see the votes yourself, just swipe up, and the full list will be shown. The updates have increased since Instagram incorporated stories into the app like those on Snapchat, its competitor.

For iOS, users will also be shown a blue alignment tool to help you centre your stickers.

Update your Instagram to use the new Questions sticker