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Trump accused of trying to bully Europe into buying US LNG

13 July 2018

US Energy Secretary Rick Perry urged European nations Thursday to boost their imports of American liquified natural gas as an alternative to building new pipelines to Russian Federation.

"Supplies of pipeline gas do not lead to dependence of one country on another but to complete mutual dependence". Just on Wednesday, Trump called Berlin "a captive of Russia" for participating in the project. There are always other options, the USA secretary said, noting that the parties had held frank discussions on Nord Stream 2.

Trump praised Poland, noting that the Eastern European country "won't accept the (Russian) gas". The German Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations (Ostausschuss), which unites members accounting for about a fifth of the country's total foreign trade, has accused the United States of trying to interfere in Germany's foreign affairs.

This is not the first time Trump has bashed Germany over the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

"We consider that it's a question of economic competition and that ... the buyers must take their own decision", he said.

"A "and the stream-2" is a tool in the hands of the Kremlin of waging a hybrid war".

But he said the priority for now was to secure gas from the Caspian Sea region, while maintaining supplies of Russian gas through Ukrainian pipelines beyond 2019.

According to the UralSib expert, the situation that Trump described at the meeting with Stoltenberg on July 11, where Russian Federation contributes 60 to 70% of Germany's presumably gas imports, is only hypothetical. "But if Germany opts to drop this new pipeline, then obviously the opportunity for LNG would be much greater", Kokin said.

Moscow is eager to go ahead with the Nord Stream 2 pipeline for it can double the gas exports to Germany under the Baltic Sea while Washington is upset with the idea, even saying that firms that invested in the pipeline risked sanctions, the report added.

President Trump stated that Russian Federation completely controls the FRG through the expansion of energy supplies through the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline. He said he also mentioned tripartite talks [on gas - EU-RF-Ukraine], which they will hold.

Trump accused of trying to bully Europe into buying US LNG