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TicWatch Pro available now: why you’ll want one

13 July 2018

As for the rest of the story, the TicWatch Pro has all of the specs you could ask for in a Wear OS device at this time. We knew it was only a matter of time before a new Ticwatch wearable device is announced. Read on below for a full introduction to what the Ticwatch Pro smartwatch will offer you if you decide to buy it soon. This one allows up to a whole month of standard usage on a single full charge. The watch is from Mobvoi, a Chinese company focusing on AI that also makes budget smartwatches and smart speakers like the TicHome Mini. The more pressing problem, however, is the short, often less than 24-hour, battery life. It's achieving that by using the FSTN display as a battery saver, since it looks like a black and white display that shows you a minimal amount of info when not in use.

Following up on the success of the TicWatch E and TicWatch 2 series, Mobvoi is launching their most advanced smartwatch to date, the TicWatch Pro. He further shared, "Our approach has been to innovate with the screen, radically reducing battery consumption".

Moving on from the display, though, the Ticwatch Pro doesn't skimp when it comes to the hardware.

This display setup works in two modes.

While in Smart Mode, the TicWatch Pro features up to two-day battery life. Users can switch between the power sipping LCD and standard OLED, extending battery life between 5 and 30 days (depending on usage).

The main display, like most Wear OS watches, is a regular colour 1.3-inch round OLED panel that displays your customisable watch faces, apps, notifications and so on.

Apparently, the USA might also get a model with LTE included, which could allow you to use the watch in full while leaving your phone at home, but this isn't confirmed and it's not clear whether anywhere else will get a version with LTE.

The TicWatch Pro is of premium build quality and is IP68 water and dust-resistance. If you live in the United Kingdom or U.S., you'll need to head to Amazon to be able to buy the watch and if you want it soon you'll have to be an Amazon Prime member. We won't forget music streaming because it's one of the best features.

Instead of trying to somehow shoehorn a larger battery inside of a reasonably sized watch case, Mobvoi is employing a patent pending Layered Display technology that puts an FSTN (Film compensated Super Twisted Nematic) LCD on top of an OLED display.

TicWatch Pro available now: why you’ll want one