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The Boomsday Project is HearthStone’s next expansion

13 July 2018

Starring the infamous Dr. Boom, The Boomsday Project expansion pack will introduce 135 new cards, new card types and keywords into the game. They'll be awestruck by Projects, spells with wondrous effects that appear to benefit both players-but appearances can be deceiving!

On the single-player side of things, we're getting a mode I'd been hoping to see in Hearthstone for a long time: solo puzzles that test your problem-solving skills and card knowledge to overcome a tricky gamestate.

There is also a freakish Rogue legendary spell in Myra's Unstable Element which draws the rest of your deck.

The next expansion, called the Boomsday Project, is focused on science, and tons of mechs. No more information regarding details of The Puzzle Lab were announced, but it was revealed that details of the new single player experience coming to Hearthstone will be announced in the coming weeks. Omega Defender, for instance, gets +10 Attack making it a four mana cost Taunt minion with 12/6 in stats. Dr. Boom The Mad Genius is a Warrior Legendary Hero card, but exactly what it does remains a mystery.

If you play a card with Magnetic while you have a Mech in play you can fuse those two cards together.

While not keywords themselves, The Boomsday Project also introduces two new groups of cards: Projects and Omega cards.

As for the Omega cards, they are new spells that give players a special boost provided the caster has 10 mana crystals.

A few other cards were shown, including a Shaman minion which doubles the effect of the next spell you'll play, and will unfortunately slot quite well into the hated Shudderwock deck. Here's hoping we don't see any card draw, like Coldlight Oracle, which was recently rotated out of the game. Get ready to bring on the mechs (and your wallet) when it's launched August 7.

Those of you who have PTSD flashbacks at the sight of spawning boombots and maniacal, mechanical laughter might want to look away now. A 50-pack bundle ($66.95 AUD) that includes a free random golden class Legendary and the Mecha-Jaraxxus card back. It's clear that ΩMEGA cards are going to make big changes to the meta. If you have deep pockets, you can splurge on the Mega Bundle that contains all of the previous extras, but this more expensive bundle gives you an 80 card pack bundle instead of 50 plus a new Warlock Hero Mecha-Jaraxxus.

And as noted last week, Mountain Giant, Molten Giant, Witchwood Piper, North Sea Kraken, and Jungle Moonkin have had their tribal tags adjusted.

The Boomsday Project is HearthStone’s next expansion