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Sprint adds an Unlimited plan without high-resolution video

13 July 2018

With the revamp, Sprint goes from having one plan starting at $60 per month to four different options costing $50 to $70 a month. Sprint customers will experience the Network Built for Unlimited at the BEST Price.5 With more mobile broadband spectrum capacity than any US carrier, Sprint's network is built to meet customers' growing demand for data.

Unlimited Basic costs the same as Unlimited Freedom at $60/month for one line, but even so, is an all-around worse deal. You can add a second line for $40 and third, fourth and fifth lines for $20 each. For an unspecified limited time, customers who bring their own phone or buy a phone outright will get $20 knocked off each line per month.

What do you get for that money? Sprint's Unlimited Plus plan includes 1080p video streaming, 15 GB of personal hotspot data, subscriptions to Hulu and Tidal, and other services.

If you find those restrictions too limited for an unlimited plan, you can try the more expensive Unlimited Plus plan.

Then you have Unlimited Plus at $70/month, which does include HD video streaming, a whopping 15 gigs of mobile hotspot access, as well as free access to Hulu, music streaming service Tidal, and 10 gigs of roaming data for Canada and Mexico. Interestingly, the carrier said that music streams are throttled to 1.5 Mbps and gaming streams are throttled to 8 Mbps, and that users who consume more than 50 GB in a month can have their speeds reduced. In Mexico and Canada, enjoy unlimited talk and text and 5GB of 4G LTE data. Specifically, Sprint introduced a new top-tier unlimited plan that's more expensive than its current offering, as well as a "basic" plan that costs roughly the same as the carrier's Unlimited Freedom plan.

$50/mo for line 1, $30/mo for line 2 and $10/mo/line for lines 3 - 5. In other words, a family of four pays $100 a month. The carriers have been increasingly stretching the definition of an unlimited data plan - once a single, simple all-you-can-eat option - into something with a myriad of different adds-ons from hot spot capability to freebies like Hulu or AT&T Watch. If customers prefer to lease a device, they get Unlimited Plus at the regular low price of $42 per month per line for five lines.

The plan starts at $60 per month for the first line. This is an excellent plan that offers unlimited data, talk and text plus great features for only $35 per month per line for two lines.10 More great news! As you might have expected, they are similar to Unlimited Freedom, only with a few tweaks here and there, plus all of the throttling and non-unlimited unlimitedness you would expect from a USA carrier. The company will be splitting their current unlimited plan into two separate offerings. This is an improvement over Unlimited Freedom's former 23GB data soft-cap.

Sprint adds an Unlimited plan without high-resolution video