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LeBron James Sells Movie Script, Might Star In It

13 July 2018

"I think it was a necessary chapter for his growth and winning those titles, winning the Finals MVP, the validation that he has openly and admirably expressed he needed to help him as a person and learn that it... doesn't fix you on the inside".

Never removed the comments from the mural, even taking out the word "of".

Never said his next project is a Lakers team mural that includes all players-including James.

"I guess it is never touch religion, politics or anyone against Kobe", Never cracked. The mural - "The King of LA" - is gone. It's much different than the Cavaliers squad James left.

Located outside of a Baby Blues BBQ in Venice, Calif., the mural took roughly 12 hours of work spanning two days, a bucket of paint and more than 75 spray cans, ESPN reported. Never worked with graffiti specialist Fernando Valdez.

"I got a ton of support", Never said, according to ESPN.

Just a couple days after a mural depicting James in a Lakers uniform was first vandalized, another hater made a decision to put his mark on the mural as well. 'At first when we had the original piece, there was a ton of positivity, but also a ton of like pro-Kobe, anti-LeBron sentiment.

With that being the case, he thought it best just to whitewash the entire wall. "I can't see anyone getting mad about the whole team", Never said of his next Lakers mural. "Some guy did it and posted video of him doing it and responded to the guy and said 'Pay me".

"I do think another chapter for him will probably involve [a move] and the Knicks situation is so ideal for someone who is still going to be playing at elite level to walk in and finally [compete], with Kristaps Porzingis on your right side which is no joke". Most believed the Lakers would land Paul George or trade for Kawhi Leonard, but instead they signed Lance Stephenson, Rajon Rondo, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, and JaVale McGree.

LeBron James Sells Movie Script, Might Star In It