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FIFA Warns Networks to Stop Focusing on Women in World Cup Stands

13 July 2018

The World Cup has been marred by an estimated 300 cases of sexism on the streets tarnishing an otherwise positive tournament, the head of an anti-discrimination group said on Tuesday.

When asked how Federation Internationale de Football Association could combat this, Addiechi said it has been working with the local organisers and Russian police to identify these fans, some of whom have lost their FAN-IDs (a document all spectators must have to obtain access to stadiums at the World Cup) and been forced to leave the country.

Federico Addiechi, FIFA's diversity boss, has said that this is a necessary requirement for football's governing body to take in order to tackle sexism at the World Cup.

Racism was predicted to be the main World Cup problem because of longstanding issues in Russian soccer and other European fan bases.

Powar shed light on how instances of female reporters being kissed or grabbed on live television are becoming a common phenomenon at this year's World Cup.

Addiechi added that it was not a "proactive campaign" but said "we'll take action against things that are wrong".

England are out of the World Cup and Roy Keane is reminding everyone when they should be happy. "We've done it with our host broadcast services", he said.

"It's been a largely positive experience and there hasn't been a great deal of incidents of the type we expected", Powar told reporters, referring to pre-tournament fears of racism and homophobia.

It is understood that more than 20 supporters were identified by the authorities and they lost their FAN-IDs and were sent home.

'There is an issue with the continuity of sanctions, ' said Powar, noting that both Croatia and Mexico have been punished by their regional confederations several times in the past.

FIFA Warns Networks to Stop Focusing on Women in World Cup Stands