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Chicago Cubs must avoid trading for Manny Machado

13 July 2018

The Orioles can't ask for too much and risk losing him for nothing, though.

Should the Orioles trade Machado to a National League team before the All-Star Game, he would be ineligible to play in the game, but could be introduced.

With Baltimore out of contention and on pace for a historically bad season, it's a near certainty that Machado will be dealt by the end of the month.

After all, what's left for him to do?

But, at this point, the Cubs can't afford to go all-in on trading for Machado. Why? He's still doing his best to "go out there and have fun" on a daily basis. And if recent reports are to be believed, it'll either be the Los Angeles Dodgers or Milwaukee Brewers. Whatever their plan is for the future, it doesn't seem like it's going to include Manny Machado, at least this season. "It kind of gets a little bit distracting at times". But it's just a matter of just trying to let it all out. Once I come in here and step in this clubhouse, I'm just a ballplayer.

It's the second consecutive year that the Orioles will have just one representative in the All-Star Game. "The only thing that keeps me going is I love this game so much, I want to go out there, put on a show and be the best player I can be out there". Machado has a.312 batting average, .381 OBP, and a.560 SLG with 21 home runs and 60 RBIs at 343 at bats.

It's no secret that the Phillies would have to give up quite a lot to land Machado, who's considered to be easily a Top 5 player in baseball today. Not to mention that if the Crew made it to World Series this year with him, he would be absolutely essential to beating whatever American League team makes it because it's an entirely different story over there with it being the home of the best three teams in baseball as a whole right now. "Like I said before, I've answered all the questions I needed to answer". It's something the superstar has been forced to deal with all year long.

"Everyone in here is part of my family". They're brothers to me. They'll always have my contact. The Brewers now hold the best record in the National League, and in my opinion, are the best overall team in the National League. "I'm very grateful and humbled at same time".

For the Rockies, they would probably have to counter with a trade for themselves.

But even he is already treating the Orioles' pending loss of their only All-Star in a fantastical way. I started one at third, now I'm starting one at short. Either way, you're just adding for a different objective and subtracting for a different goal. I didn't think I would get it.

Chicago Cubs must avoid trading for Manny Machado