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Army vet and wife consider divorce to afford daughter's health care

13 July 2018

A north Texas couple is considering a divorce to help pay for their daughter's health care costs.

The couple said paying for Brighton's treatment with a single salary of $54,000 is hard and are now considering divorcing so Ms Grey would become a single mother-of-two. Jake and Maria Grey have been married for nine years, and their 6-year-old daughter Brighton has Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome. Even with health insurance, the Greys spend upwards of $15,000 a year out of pocket on her health care. That's more than 30 percent of their annual income. "I used to get anxiety just opening the mail", said Maria on WFAA, saying she always anxious about what medical bills would come.

Jake Grey reportedly makes about $40,000 a year, meaning his family doesn't qualify for Medicaid.

Because of that the Greys are considering a divorce, so that Maria Grey becomes, at least under the law, a single, unemployed mother of two little children - and, thus, eligible for Medicaid.

"We promised to each other and to her that we'd do whatever we could do to make her life, however long she's going to be with us, as good as possible", Maria explained. The couple said it may be the only way the family could get the help they need to care for Brighton.

'We just have struggled and struggled with it.

"It's drowning us to try to keep up with her medical expenses", Jake Grey said.

Describing the situation his family finds itself in as "morally wrong", he added, "For someone to kind of make you choose between your marriage and your child is just-it's just a really weird spot to be in".

The happily married couple are now contemplating getting a divorce because they agreed that their children's needs come first. "We don't want a GoFundMe, we don't want any of that", Maria Grey said. But they're considering a divorce, for the sake of one of their kids.

Maria Grey said caring for Brighton was a blessing in many ways, but in others, it amounts to a major cause of financial and psychological stress. "I need the state to step up and give us the benefits that we need".

"She is a pure and handsome soul", Maria said.

Army vet and wife consider divorce to afford daughter's health care