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Area MPP leading Tory rollback of Ontario sex-ed curriculum

13 July 2018

The money was to be paid out from revenues of the cap-and-trade system, which Ford began dismantling nearly immediately after taking office, as he had promised to do.

"We can not afford to dither or delay".

Instead, tax relief is planned for parents, small businesses and the working poor.

At the cabinet's swearing-in ceremony last month, Ford and Finance Minister Vic Fedeli both promised a line-by-line audit of the previous government's spending.

On education, only days after the Ford government announced the return of Ontario's 1998 sexual education curriculum in schools, the Conservative government said they would end the province's math curriculum, know as "Discovery Math", in order to "focus on fundamentals that allow our children to succeed".

Ford nonetheless stressed those priorities in a statement Thursday, saying his government would get to work quickly so "people can see real change fast".

The cap-and-trade program Ontario was a party to in partnership with Quebec and California was funded mostly by over-polluting corporations, and was expected to garner $1.9 billion for the province this year.

"All we've heard so far is a lot of costs that the government is going to incur when it comes to cancelling projects based on whoever it is that happens to have their ear", she said.

In the statement, the Tories said the summer session will build on the work their government has already undertaken, such as steps to dismantle cap and trade and measures to curb government spending.

The new sex-ed curriculum sparked controversy, particularly among social conservatives, when the Liberal government introduced it.

"You can count on your government to respect the men and women of Ontairo's Police Services by freeing them from onerous restrictions that treat those in uniform as suspects of suspicion and scorn", the speech says. He said the move would bring down electricity rates but struggled to explain how when asked repeatedly by reporters. Among them are legislation to strengthen oversight of law enforcement and redefine police officers' duties, and to tighten rules around vaping.

Area MPP leading Tory rollback of Ontario sex-ed curriculum