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Love Island 2018 spoilers! Recoupling revealed with the girls in charge

12 July 2018

"I am so excited, just want to give her a huge hug".

"Feel to boycott love island until they show the islanders what happened with this kiss", another user wrote,"forever giving Georgia a free pass meanwhile Samira is struggling to catch a break..."

The 22-year-old has chosen to leave the villa to be with Frankie after he was eliminated in a double dumping earlier in the week.

'Nope I told her to stick it out it's a once in a lifetime opportunity and only a few weeks left, ' he replied.

'I've not had any connection in here with anyone and I had a little taste of that with Frankie and it's gone abruptly and I think I'd always be thinking "What if". "This opportunity was incredible and I take it with a full heart and full love".

While many questioned the legitimacy of their relationship and whether or not Frankie would be waiting for her when she left the villa, it looks like now we have our answer.

Yes, Samira chose to leave the villa just days after her partner Frankie was dumped and now he's responded to the news.

Later, Alex says to Georgia and Sam: "This is insane, either she picks me or I go home..." I want to stay so bad but I can't be happy in here anymore.

Samira was devastated when Frankie was kicked off of Love Island (Picture: ITV2)'So my lovely handsome girls, you guys know that I've had a really tough couple of days here recently and I've been umming and ahhing about leaving, ' she tells them.

Petition to get ITV2 cameras to capture the exact moment they reunite please?

By the next morning, she has made up her mind to leave the show, and pulls Ellie, Dani and Megan on the roof terrace to break the news.

But Jack continues to protest his innocence: "The facts are, I ended up kissing her on the lips, I have never denied that".

"I think the best thing for me to get closure on the Frankie situation and for me to be happy is to go today." she says.

It looks Megan is either absolutely ruthless or else absolutely clueless to what she is wearing, but either way she headed into the Hideaway last night to have sex with Wes whilst wearing a jumper belonging to her previous Love Island romance and all round "deep" guy, Eyal. I'm really happy that I'm doing this and I feel really strong. "You are all so fantastic". After some emotional goodbyes, Samira leaves the villa to a big round of applause. He later revealed via Instagram that he has Asperger's syndrome.

Love Island returns tonight, kicking off between 9:30pm - 10pm depending on how England's semi-final with Croatia goes.

But the boxer was left shocked when Samira responded: "I don't know if you could bring Frankie back".

Love Island 2018 spoilers! Recoupling revealed with the girls in charge