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Happy 10th Birthday, Apple App Store!

12 July 2018

Now, more recently, any apps related to Bitcoin mining or other cryptocurrency transactions which raise concerns for Apple. This rigorous check isn't flawless, but it's still unmatched in the industry.

Nearly 90 percent of all the smartphone users in the world use Android with one of the most downloaded apps.

Back in 2009, Apple announced that in-app purchases would be coming to the App Store, and so they did.

The App Store has also been the epicentre of a mobile video consumption boom.

In addition the post lauds the App Store's pivotal role in making gaming mainstream, changing the way people pay for software and services (hello, in-app purchases), and opening up more accessible doors to education, creativity, entertainment, AR, and wellness.

More people are also spending money on the iOS App Store.

Apple's powerful hardware has also pushed mobile gaming forward, with its graphical capabilities growing with each iteration of it's devices. With a lot of them spending more time inside, along with downloading and using more apps than ever before.

App Annie ranked the all-time most popular apps and games for iOS by the number of downloads, and revenue, too.

This offered small developers a chance to offer the game for free to extend its audience as much as possible and those who liked it would pay for it over time like a service. With customers in 155 countries visiting the App Store more frequently. The app is available for download in the Google Play Store for Android phones and in Apple's App Store for iPhones. The tech giant has made all of its softwares extremely friendly in terms of accessibility with the company providing developers with tools that make sure their app is more inclusive for everybody.

More than 500 doctors and medical researchers have used Apple's ResearchKit and CareKit software tools for clinical studies involving 3 million participants on conditions ranging from autism and Parkinson's disease to post-surgical at-home rehabilitation and physical therapy.

Other highlights include the Everyone Can Code program launched in 2016, which was the same year Swift Playgrounds for iPad debuted, bringing coding to the masses.

Apple says its awarded scholarships for student developers at WWDC have grown from 150 in 2013, to over 350 in 2018.

The original iPhone was a huge leap forward in the smartphone industry, shaping and combining different aspects into a one single touchscreen device.

iOS 12 will be released to iPhone users this fall.

Regardless of your feelings about Apple, the world owes it a collective "thank you" for its App Store. With the 2017 refresh, Apple has sought to address that.

Happy 10th Birthday, Apple App Store!