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From Greenland broke off a six-kilometer-long iceberg

12 July 2018

The moment a giant iceberg measuring 4 miles (6 km) in length broke off from a glacier in Greenland, sending huge chunks of ice crashing into the sea, was captured on camera by a team of scientists.

"Global sea level rise is undeniable and consistent".

Researchers from New York University filmed the massive sheet of ice breaking off the Helheim Glacier over 30 minutes on June 22, then sped it up to just 90 seconds.

The process by which ice detaches from the glacier, known as the breakaway of the ice.

The impact causes the first to break up and flip over. "By capturing how it unfolds, we can see, first-hand, its breath-taking significance".

Despite it being a major warning sign for the future of our planet, the research team said that the range of these different iceberg formation styles helps scientists build better computer models for simulating and modelling iceberg calving.

The research team is now studying the forces behind sea-level rise-a development that has concerned scientists in recent decades because it points to the possibility of global disruptions due to climate change-under a grant from the National Science Foundation. "The better we understand what is happening, the more precisely we can predict and plan for climate change", explains an employee at NY University, Denise Holland. The calving event, captured in stunning footage by a team of researchers on site, spurred several other tall icebergs to separate as well, with some even flipping over entirely.

And it could help scientists predict global sea level rise, according to Denise Holland, the logistics coordinator for NYU's Environmental Fluid Dynamics Laboratory.

Understanding how calving events take place is, the researchers say, important for developing simulations for sea-level rise brought about by climate change.

In 2017, experts predicted the collapse of the entire Western Antarctic Ice Sheet would result in a 10-foot-rise in sea level.

From Greenland broke off a six-kilometer-long iceberg