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'Sharp Objects' star Amy Adams joins Reese Witherspoon admiration club

11 July 2018

Sharp Objects airs Sunday nights on HBO at 9:00 p., ET/PT.

Luckily, it looks like HBO has kept things going with the arrival of the network's new limited series, Sharp Objects, which will premiere on Sunday, July 8. The five-time Oscar nominated star (just let her win already) is one of the best actors working today and moves easily between comedy and drama.

"I'm Dying Up Here", 10 p.m. (SHOWTIME): Season-two finale of drama about stand-up comedians; Ralph and Adam's bad news comes with a silver lining; Roy offers Eddie a big opportunity; Cassie struggles to decide where her loyalty lies.

Preaker is a troubled woman sent to cover the violent killing of a preteen girl at the insistence of newsroom editor, Frank Curry (played by veteran actor, Miguel Sandoval). Sharp Objects, a miniseries that stars Amy Adams, follows a reporter who returns home to Missouri to investigate a murder. To complicate matters, and to probably give wise-cracking cops some dialogue, Camille has recently been released from a mental institution.

Adams said she could connect with her role and that is one reason she agreed to to the show. There are epic performances in the thrilling Sharp Objects, but the HBO TV show also has some unexpected surprises in store.

Amy Adams is inspired by Reese Witherspoon "all the time". As Camille tries to come to terms with her past, she finds herself identifying with the young victims. But, you'll definitely want to catch the riveting performance of Australian actress, Eliza Scanlen, who plays Camille's unusual and mysterious half-sister, Amma.

Sharp Objects was the debut novel from Flynn and was well received.

But how, where and when can you stream HBO's Sharp Objects online? The high-quality performances and high-quality creative work that went into the making of the TV show Objects proves that it has merit as an early contender for next year's Emmy Awards.

The HBO show is helmed by "Big Little Lies" director Jean-Marc Valee.

Also prominent in the cast are Patricia Clarkson as the estranged socialite mother of Adams' Camille Preaker, Eliza Scanlen as Camille's dual-personality half-sister and Chris Messina - who played Adams' husband in "Julie & Julia" - as a detective who works with Camille.

'Sharp Objects' star Amy Adams joins Reese Witherspoon admiration club