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JetBlue crew rescues dog in distress with oxygen mask

11 July 2018

Flight attendants on a JetBlue flight last week reportedly saved a French bulldog with an oxygen tank and breathing mask. Without warning the dog's tongue and gums turned blue and she began panting frantically. The crew was able to bring the dog, named Darcy, an oxygen mask.

A woman has thanked flight attendants for helping save her French Bulldog after the pup fell ill and needed an oxygen mask on a flight.

Darcy sat on Burt's lap to calm down but she was still breathing fast.

"I noticed that her tongue was blue and I am aware that is a sign of insufficient oxygen (Hypoxia)", Michele Burt wrote in a letter addressed to JetBlue and provided to WCVB-TV.

Steven and Michelle Burt were traveling from Florida to Worcester when Darcy started suffering from a lack of oxygen.

After a few minutes, Darcy became more alert and was able to breathe normally. "I believe [crew members Renaud Spencer and Diane Asher] saved a life", said Burt.

Photos of Darcy with the oxygen mask over her mouth have spread across social media. Goodness and kindness along with the ability to assess a medical crisis, albeit a canine in crisis saved the day.

She added Darcy has made a complete recovery but she will not fly the dog with her in future without a vet's clearance.

Fenster told "Good Morning America" he'd never seen anything like Darcy's case in 15 years working for an airline. "I brought the dog some ice, and that didn't do anything".

In a statement to ABC 7 in NY and other media outlets, JetBlue said they were happy their crew members went "above and beyond" to help the dog and that Burt's thank-you letter would be forwarded to higher-ups so the attendants can be recognized for their kindness.

"We all want to make sure everyone has a safe and comfortable fight, including those with four legs", JetBlue said. "We're thankful for our crew's quick thinking and glad everyone involved was breathing easier when the plane landed in Worcester".

Darcy's owners credit the fast-acting flight crew for saving her life.

JetBlue crew rescues dog in distress with oxygen mask