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Watch as Jimmy Kimmel one-ups Trump after Trump lied about Kimmel

10 July 2018

Jimmy Kimmel accused President Trump of lying about the ABC late-night host waiting outside his studio on Hollywood Boulevard to eagerly open Trump's auto door upon his arrival.

Jimmy Kimmel has called out President Donald Trump for telling thousands of lies in the past - but this time it was personal.

Trump claimed Kimmel waited outside the El Capitan Entertainment Centre in Hollywood to welcome him when he was a guest on the show in 2016. "Including you, I do it for nobody".

Kimmel told his audience that while in the Montana wilderness, he was alerted that Trump attacked him but didn't hear what was said until he got back home. "I do it for nobody", Kimmel replied. "'Oh here he comes, Donald Trump.' He opens my door".

"None of that actually happened", Kimmel said before mocking the clip of Trump calling himself a "guy with potential". "It's a amusing thing", he continued.

That part, Kimmel said, is true. "All of a sudden you're like, 'Wait, no, he's lying!'" These comments, Kimmel says, are false. I like to greet the guests on the stage. "I feel dumb saying hello to them and then saying hello again 10 minutes later".

He even sent a camera to the street to give his viewers a picture of what Hollywood Blvd. looks like directly outside the studio, and it's busy, full of tourists and street performers ready to swarm a famous face.

'Do you think the secret service would let the Republican nominee for president come in this way?' he said with a laugh.

Jimmy was deep in the Montana wilderness on vacation when Donald Trump took aim at him during a rally by telling a very freaky lie about his experience at the show.

Here's how Kimmel remembers that meeting with Trump: "Donald Trump showed up one night outside our show banging on the backstage door". It was 2007, ' he said.

But unfortunately, there was someone in the bathroom.