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Russian cargo ship docks at ISS in record time

10 July 2018

News Brief: A robotic Russian Progress cargo craft today was sent on a "fast-track" trajectory that got it to the International Space Station in less time than it takes to drive from Seattle to Spokane.

The Progress 70 resupply ship, loaded with nearly 2,721 kgs of food, fuel and supplies, is set to launch from Baikonur space port in Kazakhstan at 3.51 am (Kazakhstan time) on Tuesday.

Russian Cargo Ship MS-09 successfully docked International Space Station with food, fuel and other supplies.

According to, the Russians had tried twice before to achieve this speedy feat, but had been thwarted on both occasions by lift-off delays that meant it was necessary to turn the trips into two-day missions.

Russia's Progress cargo ships have been keeping the space station stocked with supplies since 2000, when the first crew took up residence on the orbiting lab. In February, a Progress MS-07 launch was cancelled at the last minute after another attempt in October 2016. The vehicles look like Russia's crewed, three-module Soyuz spacecraft but can not carry people. Progress 70 will stay linked to the space station until January 2019, when it will be discarded, NASA officials said.

Russian cargo ship docks at ISS in record time