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Pride organisers say sorry after anti-trans group leads march

10 July 2018

Pride in London organisers have apologised after anti-trans protesters "forced their way to the front of the parade". If a group had protested any other part of the acronym, the G, the L or the B, it is hard to believe that Pride in London would let them "move ahead" whatever the weather. The petition was ultimately unsuccessful and now they are petitioning to have the "L" removed from LGBT+.

Ten women from the anti-trans group appeared at the front of the parade carrying banners saying "transactivism erases lesbians" and describing the trans movement as "anti-lesbianism".

A Get The L Out spokeswoman said the group was protesting against lesbians being "threatened and intimidated" by the GBT community.

Patricia Curtis, of TransPals said: "It's disappointing that anti-trans activists chose to hijack the front of a parade, an insult to all the hardworking staff in the NHS whose place they stole". Cisgendered people are those whose outward gender expression matches the sex they were assigned at birth by their parents and medical professions.

They said they "totally condemn" the actions of "a tiny number of" anti-trans campaigners who disrupted the parade in the capital on Saturday.

Watched by over two million people, Pride in London is the UK's biggest Pride event, and the European Central Bank is keen to demonstrate its continued support for the LGBT community as part of its Diversity Action Plan and Stonewall Diversity Championship Partnership. The statement also went on to say that Pride In London "reject what this group stands for. They do not share our values, which are about inclusion and respect and support for the most marginalized parts of our community". Trans people deserved to see swift action in the removal of the protestors, vocal support from cisgender allies and a statement from Pride in London that was clear in its denunciation of the protest.

Pride organisers say sorry after anti-trans group leads march