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Australian rangers trap big crocodile near tourist gorge

10 July 2018

Wildlife officials were searching for the 60-year-old, 15-foot-long reptile since it was first spotted in the northern outback in 2010 because the giant maneater posed a risk to humans and had locals fearing for their lives.

NT Parks and Wildlife rangers caught the record-size saltie 60km downstream from the Katherine township.

The largest crocodile ever captured in Australia measured 6.4 meters, according to records.

The massive creature was found just 19 miles from Katherine Gorge, a popular tourist destination. Authorities have been trying to catch this particular croc for about a decade.

"We've called it a lot of things over the years because it's been so hard to catch", John Burke, a senior wildlife officer, said.

The lengthy game of hide-and-seek finally came to an end when the 1,322-pound predator unwittingly swam into an elaborate trap set up in the Katherine River.

Authorities in Australia have caught a saltwater crocodile measuring nearly 5 meters (16.4 ft), one of the biggest on record, to stop it from reaching a populated area, the Department of Tourism said on Tuesday. This has sent them farther upstream into freshwater areas. "That sort of croc, in my opinion, is the most risky to people", Webb said.

She said that rangers found the average size of crocodiles in the area was about 4.2 metres. "In areas where they're at best low densities, someone won't have seen one for a long, long time and they think they're safe and they're not necessarily safe". Crocodiles are farmed for their meat and hides, but large and battle-scarred crocs are usually unsuitable for the handbag market.

Australian rangers trap big crocodile near tourist gorge