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Netflix mulling over 'Ultra' subscription for $17 per month

09 July 2018

There have been speculations that is testing two prices in Germany which are 16.99 United States dollars and 19.99 USD; so, Netflix also will be tinkering with its prices for new plans.

Users in European countries like Germany and Italy have already reported seeing this addition to the list of subscription plans, according to, with Ultra being priced at €16.99 (roughly £15 GBP or $19.90 USD). Currently, the highest package is worth $13.99 that is known by the name of Premium.

It's called the "Netflix Ultra".

It is estimated that the plan will cost 16.99 Dollars per month, given the way Netflix does its current pricing. During the fourth quarter of 2017, Netflix posted their highest customer growth yet, adding 8.3 million new subscribers.

It is also unclear whether the "ultra" tier would necessarily cause standard or premium users to have access to fewer screens as a result (though some believe that is the case).

Cnet reports after a Netflix spokesperson clarified that all of it may just for getting to know how well the users value Netflix.

So far, these plans are only being tested in Europe, but, according to how well these changes are received, could become more widespread among Netflix customers. One offers four Ultra HD streams, while the existing $13.99 Premium plan would drop from four to two UHD streams. The "Ultra" streaming plan will test the waters to see if audiences are willing to pay more for content in an HDR format, or to have access to four Ultra HD streams. Netflix has many series available in 4K and several, including "Luke Cage" and "Glow", in HDR.

Before, Netflix was going on about with its three-tier subscription that included the Basic, Standard and the Premium. This plan will allow users to experience 4K quality of videos on 4 screens simultaneously.

Netflix mulling over 'Ultra' subscription for $17 per month