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Donald Trump Says North Korea Talks "Going Well", Lashes Critics

06 July 2018

John Bolton, Trump's national security advisor, said on Sunday that the U.S. plans for North Korea to dismantle its chemical, biological, nuclear, and ballistic missile programs in a year's time.

National Security Advisor John Bolton said in an interview Sunday that he believes denuclearization is possible within one year if Pyongyang agrees to the process soon.

He said the one-year program the proposing would cover all of the North's chemical and biological weapons, nuclear programs and ballistic missiles. The declaration will be the first real test of the North's candour, amid increasing concern that it may be trying to hide parts of its nuclear program.

Cho did not specify details on the itinerary of the delegation, which will return to South Korea on Friday, nor confirm whether he will meet North Korean leader Kim Jong-un during the visit.

There have been reports Kim's regime has failed to honor its denuclearization pledge after the June 12 meeting.

North Korea's sports minister, Kim Il Guk, said in a speech that the games reflect the "revered determination of the leaders of the North and South to bring forward the future of a self-reliant unification".

While Pyongyang has stopped missile and nuclear weapons tests, "there's no evidence that they are decreasing stockpiles or that they have stopped their production", an official told NBC News in the US.

As Secretary of State Mike Pompeo prepares to travel this week to North Korea, experts cautioned that the Trump administration's plan to dismantle the North's nuclear weapons and missiles in a year is both unrealistic and risky.

It will be Pompeo's first visit to Pyongyang since Trump and Kim held the summit in Singapore on June 12, when North Korea committed to work toward "complete denuclearization" and the U.S. promised a security guarantee. Officials in Pyongyang are seeking to obfuscate the true number of their weapons facilities, and USA intelligence officials believe that more than just one hidden site exists.

"Also, this most recent report that the North Koreans are building a facility to build more parts for their solid-fuel missiles - that's also inconsistent with the notion that they are going to give up their weapons".

The exchanges are the latest result of a diplomatic outreach to the South that Kim announced during his annual New Year's speech.

Mr Trump's self-professed peace-keeping comes despite reports emerging Kim Jong-un is still developing nuclear weapons as promised, after increased production in nuclear material was discovered across several sites in North Korea.

North Korea shut down its major Punggyeri nuclear site, released three American detainees and took steps to return the remains of the United States soldiers, while the USA suspended its joint military exercises with South Korea.

"I think that's an interesting statement", he said. That is where all six of North Korea's nuclear tests had been carried out.

"We have a good chemistry together".

After Pompeo's third trip to Pyongyang wraps up, he will visit Japan to brief government officials on the progress of talks on the United States' "shared commitment to the final, fully verified denuclearization" of the North, according to the State Department.

Donald Trump Says North Korea Talks