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Church Protests Family Separation By Putting Holy Family In Cage

04 July 2018

A church in Indianapolis has put Jesus, Mary and Joseph in a cage on its lawn to protest President Donald Trump's zero-tolerance policy that is holding families in detention centers at the Mexican border, the Indianapolis Star reported Tuesday (July 3).

A church in IN is making headlines after placing a statue of the baby Jesus with Joseph and Mary inside a chain-link cage to protest President Trump's zero-tolerance immigration policy.

The campaign aims to "bring awareness to the humanitarian atrocities from our nation's "zero tolerance" immigration policies", the church says in a statement. "On our lawn tonight we placed The Holy #ICE detention", the church tweeted.

No wonder, then, that the nativity scene recently posted outside of Christ Church Cathedral in Indianapolis has inspired such a reaction.

"Our job as faithful people is to welcome people with mercy".

Sexton Fred Andrews said that they hope the display will influence people at the ballot box when they vote.

Mark Reckart, who is a member of Christ Church Cathedral, said he is proud of his church for putting up the demonstration.

He says the display has already made a strong visual impact and it will stay up for as long as they feel needed.

"According to the Golden Rule, we're supposed to love our neighbors as we love ourselves", he said. Every family is holy.

"This symbol is something that speaks to every one of us at our most basic level, because of who we are as a church and as Christians", he told CNN.

Over the weekend, hundreds gathered near the Indiana Statehouse as part of a nationwide protest against family separation. "Other people connect the dots and I can see their heart soften". He signed an executive order that ended family separations and instructed the Department of Homeland Security to keep families together while in custody.

Church Protests Family Separation By Putting Holy Family In Cage