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Body shaming; Woman poisons food prepared for family, five people dead

25 June 2018

The accused Pragya Survase who was humiliated for her dark complexion chose to poison the food in a relative's house warming ceremony function. However, her in-laws did not partake of the dal served to all the guests as they had finished eating, but 88 people fell ill due to it and five died.

Pradnya Survase a native of Khalapur, about 70 km from Mumbai, confessed to mixing a powder used to kill snakes into the dal that was served to later batches of guests at the feast hosted by her relative Subhas Mane in Mahad on Monday. Even children weren't spared.

Soon after the dinner, the guests complained of stomach aches and began to vomit incessantly. Unable to get any relief, they rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment. The results confirmed the presence of high amount of insecticide in the food. The police spoke to the guests and Ms Survase's answers drew their suspicion.

Vilash Thikrey, 13, who survived food poisoning said on Monday he remembered the dal tasting "bitter".

Police Officer in his statement said, "Pradnya claims that since her marriage two years ago, she has regularly been insulted for her dark complexion and accused of not being able to cook well", said Vishwajeet Kanade, senior inspector of Khalapur police station told HT.

But they escaped as they had already eaten that evening, even as the poisoned "dal" was consumed by numerous other victims, five of whom - Gopinath S. Nakure, 53, Kalyani Shingude, 7, Vijay Shinde, 11, Hrishikesh Shinde, 12, and Pragati Shinde, 13 - were killed, he added. She is a close relative of the Mane family. She showed up at the event, poisoned the food and helped serve it. The five victims included four children and an elderly man, according to the Deccan Chronicle.

Prandya alias Jyoti Suresh Surwase committed the crime as she was fed up with constant taunts from the family and relatives over her complexion and her lack of cooking skills, a police official said. About 80 people were hospitalised also.

Body shaming; Woman poisons food prepared for family, five people dead