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High Speed NBN Uptake Triples

20 June 2018

The increase in high-speed plans follows a concerted push from NBN to encourage telcos to make 50Mbps the typical speed for households, beginning with a discount on 50Mbps wholesale pricing followed by the recent introduction of bundled 50Mbps and 100Mbps wholesale products.

As a result, around 44 percent of all NBN-connected premises are on speeds of 50Mbps or higher, up from 16 percent in May a year ago.

Meanwhile, NBN Co's average bandwidth network congestion tally, not including Sky Muster satellite services, has dropped from more than five hours to less than 30 minutes per service, per week compared to this time past year.

He said NBN's insights are indicating that new customers who connect to the network are generally more satisfied with their broadband services than before the company introduced the new discount options.

NBN's monthly progress report also stated that the network is now available 100 percent of the time, with 90 percent of faults resolved within the agreed time frames, jumping from 59 percent a year ago. We know there is more work to be done and will continue to collaborate with the industry as the rollout gathers pace. NBN Co remains on track to complete the rollout by 2020.

NBN Co said more than 250,000 new homes and businesses across metropolitan Australia will be able to connect to the network in the next three months.

The report also said that the average number of homes and businesses that experience network congestion was just 0.089 percent, while the number of faults on the network per locations per month was just 1. Like many families, she also streams her entertainment and has taken advantage of a higher speed tier. The NBN is more than half way built with nearly four million premises connected.

There are 3.9 million homes and businesses connected to a plan over the nbn™ access network - compared with 2.3 million in May 2017.

Installations performed right the first time are now up to 91 percent, while 94 percent of premises are connected within the time frames agreed with retail service providers.

The average congestion per service, per week, has actually increased to 18 minutes since February, when it was 12 minutes, and hasn't improved considerably since December-January.

It should be noted, however, that the majority of end customers - 56 per cent - continue to opt for a 25Mbps (download) wholesale speed plan or lower.

Fixed Line network congestion is calculated based on how NBN Co utilises certain parts of its fixed line access network that are shared by phone and internet providers.

The nbn™ access network was up and running 100.00 per cent of the time - compared to 99.9 per cent in May 2017.

High Speed NBN Uptake Triples