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Israel quiet on US claims it hit Iraq militia in Syria

19 June 2018

Israel has attacked Syria a large number of times, so it is usually a reasonable guess that any airstrike would be from there.

USA officials have said that the Syrian-Iraqi border includes pro-regime forces that are aligned with Iran, which could prompt Israel to attack despite differing in nature from its usual strikes in Syria.

But their presence has sparked confrontations with both Washington, which has been supporting a Kurdish-led alliance that controls other parts of eastern Syria, and Israel, which fears Iranian-inspired attacks on its forces in the occupied Golan Heights.

While Syrian state TV blamed the USA for a Sunday night strike on pro-Assad regime forces, claiming coalition forces had unsuccessfully targeted ISIS positions, a coalition spokesman told CNN on Monday that no coalition strikes were carried out in that area.

But US officials denied any involvement and instead pointed the finger at Israel.

A USA official told CNN on Monday that an airstrike close to the Iraq-Syria border on Sunday was Israel's handiwork, and not a United States coalition attempt to strike ISIS.

The Israeli military declined to be drawn on the United States claims. "We are not commenting on foreign reports", a spokeswoman said.

Israel has repeatedly said it would not allow Iran to maintain a long-term military presence in Syria.

Israel has also targeted advanced weapons shipments from Syria to the Hezbollah terror group in Lebanon.

While in Israel, Ivanovsky - who is responsible for Russian forces deployed in Syria's southern de-escalation zones - will meet with several Israeli military officials, the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation reported.

Last month a dozen pro-regime fighters were killed in an air strike on Syrian regime positions that the Observatory and state media blamed on the coalition. This is by far the furthest east Israel has struck during the Syria war.

Israeli seized a large swathe of the Golan Heights from Syria in the Six-Day War of 1967 and later annexed it in a move never recognised by the global community.

Israel quiet on US claims it hit Iraq militia in Syria