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South Korea: Carrier SK Telink Brings Back iPhone 3GS

18 June 2018

The carrier found a cache of unsold iPhone 3GS smartphones at a warehouse and plans to sell the devices new in the box with all the original accessories. Priced at 44,000 Won, which is roughly$40 USA dollars, the 3GS is the cheapest iPhone you can buy from any carrier. The plastic phone is comparatively disposable, though notably less recyclable, as Apple has made major strides in materials and reuse over the nine years since it introduced the 3GS.

When it was first launched in the summer of 2009, the iPhone 3GS, like most iPhones, proved popular with customers and reviewers alike. However, that hasn't stopped one carrier from reselling the devices for just $40 a pop.

As per a report by PhoneArena, SK Telink is a subsidiary of the largest carrier south of the DMZ.

Granted, it's not quite capable of carrying out numerous demanding tasks iPhone users have enjoyed in recent years - considering the sheer rarity and value of some vintage and obsolete Apple products we've seen before, it's a safe bet assume these units will be worth a fortune one day! The headphone jack has been gone since the iPhone 7 and many still miss having a phone with that feature. And what better than banking on the popularity of iPhone and the current trend of buying retro products. The phone will not be able to run numerous current iOS apps. Apple now sells its lowest-cost iPhone SE for 490,000 won (roughly $452), which is over ten times the SK Telink asking price for the iPhone 3GS. This means that numerous apps and features that iOS users enjoy today, including iMessage and FaceTime, will not be accessible on the device. Given that SK Telink will sell the units off-contract for just over $40, this is actually not a bad option for those who just want a basic smartphone.

Even though the iPhone 3GS will be sold as "brand new", don't expect it to work the same as a recently released iPhone.

South Korea: Carrier SK Telink Brings Back iPhone 3GS