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Trump slams Robert De Niro as 'a very Low IQ individual'

14 June 2018

He continued, "I watched him last night and truly believe he may be 'punch-drunk'".

De Niro has been vocal of his disapproval of the Trump administration.

Actor Robert De Niro speaks before introducing Bruce Springsteen's performance. If so, we don't think this is gonna stick.

Representatives for De Niro did not immediately return a request for comment.

While De Niro's outburst received accolades from the anti-Trump #Resistance, it was the president's fans' turn to gloat after the twitter response.

Robert De Niro ripped Donald Trump during an appearance at the Tony Awards.

"He repeated 'F*** Trump" a second time and received a standing ovation from the crowd at the awards show for excellence in Broadway theater, held in NY. He then added, "It's no longer 'down with Trump.' It's 'f-ck Trump!'" He then pumped both fists, Jake LaMotta-style. Yikes! "I watched Robert De Niro too, and as a doctor I can emphatically say that he has much greater mental faculties than you do on your best day, Mr. President", another fan said.

But Kevin Sorbo, star of the hit faith-based movie "God's Not Dead", took exception to De Niro's speech.

In today's nose-thumbing Twitter age, the reaction to De Niro's outburst was swift and polarized, making the controversy mount. The Academy Award victor shouted out, "Fuck Trump!", a declaration which brought the audience to their feet in ovation.

But after a press conference in which Trump said that there could be peace and a denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, he responded to the rant.

De Niro apologized for Trump's "idiotic behavior" while in Toronto on Monday and said his actions were "a disgrace".

Trump slams Robert De Niro as 'a very Low IQ individual'