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Samsung Gear S4 (Galaxy Watch) to be available in a new color

14 June 2018

Some thought this latest wearable was going to be unveiled past year at the IFA technology show in Berlin but the Korean technology giant stayed silent about the S4 with devices such as the Gear Sport and Gear Fit 2 Pro unveiled instead.

It's emerged that Samsung has reached a new milestone in the development of its first sound-emitting OLED screen, which transmits audio through the screen itself rather than an earpiece speaker, bringing commercialisation forward to 2019.

That means it's been nearly two years since Samsung's flagship smartwatch has had a refresh. Perhaps by packing a larger battery.

Once again, we wouldn't recommend inexperienced users to try this as there is a high likelihood of your shiny new S9 being rendered useless if you don't know what you're doing. However, the review was in 2016, when Samsung launched the watch, so we are overdue for some new Gear action.

It's also possible that the Gear S4 might not be a Gear at all if Samsung is doing away with the branding.

Apparently, the Gear S4 is going to ship with a 470mAh battery on board, a huge upgrade from the 380mAh battery on the Gear S3.

These latest rumours arrive just weeks another piece of speculation suggesting Samsung will ditch its Tizen operating system on the S4 in favour of Google's OS.

The only other thing that would be left to hide on the front would be the camera, although I don't see Samsung taking the Vivo route there.

Samsung may even release an all-new fast wireless charger for the Note 9's big ol' battery. The possible launch date has been reiterated in a new report out of South Korea which claims that the Galaxy Note 9 announcement will indeed take place on August 9 at a special event in NY.

Samsung isn't expected to implement a notch design in its future smartphones, but it will want to increase the screen-to-body ratio of its devices to keep up with the competition.

Last week some renders of the Galaxy Note 9 leaked, showing off a phone that looks exactly how you'd expect: a big rectangle that looks a lot like the Galaxy Note 8. The news outlet didn't reveal the camera's specs.

Samsung Gear S4 (Galaxy Watch) to be available in a new color