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Rebel Wilson: Court slashes actress's record defamation payout

14 June 2018

Hollywood star Rebel Wilson has had her defamation payout slashed from $4.5 million to $600,000 after magazine publisher Bauer Media successfully appealed.

Rebel Wilson was awarded the damages and compensation in the Victorian Supreme Court, with Justice John Dixon arguing the amount was required to "vindicate" Wilson after her reputation as an "actress of integrity was wrongly damaged".

In court previous year, she successfully argued that eight articles published by Bauer magazines in 2015 had portrayed her as a serial liar, and that this resulted in her being sacked from two feature films. The legal process has run its course and Bauer welcomes the court's decision to set aside the entire award of damages for economic loss.

"For a considerable number of reasons, the critical inferences drawn by the judge could not be upheld", the summary of judgment said.

The award comprised $600,000 in general damages, including aggravated damages, and $3,917,472 in special damages for opportunities of screen roles lost because of the articles.

Bauer Media did not challenge the jury's defamation finding in its appeal and sought only for the damages to be reduced.

Going into the appeal, Wilson stood firm in her fight against Bauer Media.

Wilson still maintains outward assertions that she will donate whatever payout she receives to charities, as well as reinvesting in the Australian film industry.

"The Court of Appeal in Australia will be handing down their decision in the morning re my defamation case against @bauermedia".

She took to social media on Wednesday night to say regardless of the outcome she had "already won the case".

Prior to today's ruling, Wilson pre-emptively got ahead of things by tweeting victoriously from the set of Jojo Rabbit in Europe, asserting that the ruling in favour of her remains "unchallenged" and that she was never concerned about the monetary payout.

Rebel Wilson: Court slashes actress's record defamation payout