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MP warns Russian women from sleeping with World Cup guests

14 June 2018

World Cup play begins on Thursday, with Russian Federation taking on Saudi Arabia.

A member of parliament in Russian Federation on Wednesday asked the country's women not to have sex with foreign fans arriving for the World Cup as they would risk becoming single mothers to mixed-race children, Reuters reported.

Pletnyova, chairwoman of the Family, Women, and Children Affairs Committee, insists that romantic affairs with foreigners during the World Cup may lead to an increase in single motherhood in Russian Federation.

Perhaps she was anxious that the women would face a future of single parenthood, but then the lawmaker said that it would be fine if they slept with foreigners who were the same race.

She said this in response to a question from a radio station about the so-called "Children of the Olympics" after the Moscow Games in 1980, a time when contraceptive methods were not widely popular and available in the country.

Pletnyova said, "I know that children suffer if they are abandoned and left here with the mother".

Children who are mixed-race are likely to be brought up in one-parent families, she warned.

Pletnyova cautioned that even if a Russian woman married the foreign father of her child, problems could still arise if they become estranged.

"It's the children who suffer. and have suffered since the Soviet era".

Urging women to marry "Russian citizens" instead, she said that children risked being "abandoned and just left with their mother" or being taken overseas by their fathers.

'I would have liked people in our country marry for love, regardless of nationality'. "Then they come to me in the committee, these crying girls, because the child has been shipped away, taken and so on".

However, her comments drew both criticism and ridicule.

"I wonder what Pletnyova will say when they remind her of Say No to Racism", she tweeted.

Pletneva previously criticised the #MeToo campaign against sexual harassment, tentatively spreading in Russian Federation.

She said in March, "Those who get harassed are probably the ones who want it themselves and give the occasion for it".

MP warns Russian women from sleeping with World Cup guests