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Miami among potential host cities for 2026 World Cup

14 June 2018

U.S. soccer president Carlos Corderio said after his bid's success on Wednesday: "It's a bit emotional for us today". Whether FIFA also extends this courtesy to Mexico and Canada - the latter a relative nonentity in global soccer that has qualified for just one World Cup in 1986 - remains to be seen. For many, it was an afterthought.

The CFL's Toronto Argonauts also share the field, but this is a location that was built from the ground up with soccer in mind since it first opened in 2007 with sightlines optimized for the world's most popular game. Jacksonville was named among the initial candidates to host games in the 80-game competition, but the city was cut from the candidate list in October 2017.

Most the World Cup games in 2026 will take place in the United States and it will be a 48 team World Cup - which should open the tournament's doors for the first time to many countries.

The OIympic Stadium, which played host to the 2007 Federation Internationale de Football Association U-20 World Cup, was included in Montreal's bid and will likely house the games if the city is chosen.

All that work helped pave the way for Wednesday's landslide victory, a resounding win for the United Bid and landmark moment for North American soccer. It will draw enormous crowds and television ratings and the money generated will likely break records.

The rhetoric about "Russia's under-preparedness" includes the reality of the country's systematic doping - which saw Russian athletes miss the 2016 Rio Olympics, as well as fan safety against ultras.

Fifa's president, Gianni Infantino, looked opportunistically quick to immediately put himself forward for re-election next year, and he was followed by USA president Donald Trump with a self-congratulatory tweet.

Futbol has always been king in Mexico, but now there are more kids playing soccer in Canada than hockey.

There is no question that the last four years have been hard for American soccer. We've landed a World Cup.

Is it too much to ask for renowned judo practitioner Vladimir Putin to take out Spain player-manager Sergio Ramos (because that has to happen) with a bit of his own medicine?

Alphonso Davies, the soft-spoken 17-year-old who has turned heads ever since he joined the professional ranks two years ago, was selected to represent Canada on the podium as the North American bid made its final push.

It may still be eight years away, but the expectation of seeing Canada co-hosting, and actually playing in, a men's World Cup is already palpable.

The United States will be a host nation for soccer's World Cup in 2026, and Jacksonville could be among the destinations for the world's top players to tune up before the tournament kicks off.

Miami among potential host cities for 2026 World Cup