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'Jogger Joe' due in court, but not for Lake Merritt incident

14 June 2018

On Monday (June 11), Sintay was charged with suspicion of robbery and is being held at Santa Rita Jail on $100,000 bail. Prosecutors allege that Sintay, who lives in the 1300 block of East 27th Street in Oakland near Highland Hospital, has a prior felony conviction for selling or transporting marijuana in Riverside County in 2009.

When Mr Nelson continues to question him while filming, Mr Sintay grabs his phone.

According to court documents when Sintay was arrested Monday, he confessed to the strong arm robbery of the cell phone. They said they couldn't do anything because the homeless man's possessions are considered debri [sic].

On Friday, Sintay, shirtless and sporting a full beard he has since shaved, was recorded on video trashing the belongings of Greg Markson, a homeless man known to most as Jarew, at the Lake Merritt columns.

Harris posted the video on Twitter on Saturday and it has gone viral.

Bystanders in the video can be heard pleading for the man to stop, but he insists that he's picking up trash. A struggle followed. Later, a man with the Facebook user name of Matt Nelson posted that Sintay and another man had assaulted him and that he was "dragged by their vehicle". Nelson wrote that he suffered "a mild concussion, some cuts and bruises and many sore and strained muscles".

"I feel the frustration of both sides, now I will say clearly that was not appropriate". Sintay is heard saying, pointing to the man's belongings. "If you want to help, help", he adds. "He can pick it up".

Most lived in the area before becoming homeless, and more than half - 57 percent - cited housing costs as the reason they became homeless. As Nelson recorded him, he climbed out and said he was "trying to do the right (expletive) thing" by cleaning up the lake.

"Yesterday in Oakland jogger found throwing a peaceful homeless man's possessions in the Lake".

Henry Sintay was reportedly arrested in connection with the dismantling of a homeless man's camp. Sintay stepped forward, offering his hand as if expecting Nelson to shake it, then snatched his cell phone.

"Hey! Are you out of your mind?"

Harris encouraged people to share his video with others and said, "This is ridiculous that these are the kind of people who are living in Oakland now". In May, widely-shared video of a white woman calling the police about a black family's barbecue, close to the site of the latest incident, saw an explosion of "BBQ Becky" memes shared online.

Markson said he was confused to find his belongings trashed and didn't understand why the man would have thrown clothes in the water. "I give him a nod and he smiles back", Harris said. "I guess we all have bad days and bad times". Sintay has been "a transient himself" and had tried to help Markson in the past, she said.

A woman named Cari Geldreich says she offered to bring Markson's blankets to a laundromat for him, the paper reports.

'Jogger Joe' due in court, but not for Lake Merritt incident