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James Wan Remaking Classic 90's Spider Flick ARACHNOPHOBIA

14 June 2018

Wan, despite his history with horror, won't direct, choosing instead to simply produce via his Atomic Monster company alongside Amblin, and the hunt is now on for a writer who can spin a new story. Wan will not direct.

One of the funnest films of that year's movie season, director Frank Marshall's family spider thriller "Arachnophobia" is getting the remake treatment.

For those that need a refresher, Rotten Tomatoes describes the horror-comedy. Just film a bunch of spiders crawling out of common places in people' homes and you have a movie scary enough to give many people heart attacks. Yuppie doctor Jeff Daniels, fed up with the dangers inherent in big-city living, has resettled in this town on the assumption that nothing untoward could ever happen here to himself and his family. "The audience, of course, knows that the culprits are those pesky South American spiders, which grow larger with each kill".

As well as a phobia-inducing final act, involving a leaping giant queen spider, the movie also featured a memorable performance from John Goodman as local pest control expert Delbert McClintock.

And I must say that James Wan is no stranger to horror films. We imagine that the remake is not expected in the immediate future given that James Wan is working on the post-production ofAquaman and on the production of two spin-off saga of Conjuring in which The Nun to be released in theatres next September.

James Wan Remaking Classic 90's Spider Flick ARACHNOPHOBIA