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Haim Were Paid 10 Times Less Than a Male Festival Act

14 June 2018

However, the women most affected by the gender pay gap are often low-paid workers, who don't have prominent platforms to have their voice heard, and it's important that any campaign to close the pay gap acknowledges that it must be closed across all industries, not just those that have high-profile stars. When a British law required companies of more than 250 employees to reveal internal data on their gender pay gaps, Universal, Sony and Warner's United Kingdom reported women working at the music labels earned significantly less than their male counterparts (22.7 percent at Sony, 29.8 percent and Universal and 49 percent at Warner, according to Variety). However, after learning they were being paid a mere fraction of what a male counterpart was being paid, the group chose to take a stand. The group fired their booking agent over the outrage, pinning the blame on their dealmaker.

Speaking to Grazia magazine (via NME), the trio of sisters revealed that they had been booked by their agent to perform at a festival for a relatively low rate, but had been told the fee was lower than average due to it being a promotional opportunity.

Sisters Danielle, Alana and Este Haim agreed to the negotiated amount. "We're all in this together", added Alana Haim. I trust them with my f***ing life.

"It's scary out there and it's fucked up".

Although they never disclosed the name of the festival, the Haim sisters find it incredulous that they were paid significantly less than a male counterpart.

The critically acclaimed band are now on their Sister Sister Tour to support their latest banger-filled album, 2017's Something to Tell You. But to be paid a tenth of that amount of money?

Haim Were Paid 10 Times Less Than a Male Festival Act