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Your internet use could change as net neutrality ends

13 June 2018

Ed Markey of MA wrote on Twitter.

Zero-rating programs weren't specifically barred under the now-defunct net neutrality protections.

Yesterday marked the end of USA government rules regarding net neutrality, but the new policy faces legal challenges from individual states, some of which have also developed their own rules on the matter. And in May, the Senate voted in favor of reversing the FCC's repeal; however, the measure still needs to be passed in the House of Representatives, where afterwards it will then need President Trump's signature. Supporters of the resolution could overcome that with a discharge petition that forces a floor vote on the resolution, but the petition still lacks the 218 necessary votes to proceed. The group is part of a coalition that mustered millions of comments objecting as Mr. Pai's FCC readied for its December vote. "Now the House must do the same". The company went on to say that it's now "quite optimistic about the future, and the current FCC is a significant reason for our optimism". Those on the political left (and about 83 percent of Americans) feel that net neutrality regulations were important for personal freedom and made for a more fair marketplace.

Schumer said that Republicans, except of the three GOP Senators who sided with the Democrats, were choosing large corporations and special interests over American families.

The regulations went into affect in 2015 and faded into the history books as of Monday.

"I don't think anything gets better for consumers", said FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel, one of two Democrats on the five-person commission. The repeal takes effect six months after the Federal Communications Commission voted to undo them. The rules had previously prevented internet providers from charging more for some content or from giving some [paying] websites preferential treatment. Almost 50 more House lawmakers must sign a discharge petition introduced by Congressman Mike Doyle in order to force a vote. Others point out that the FTC, which oversees consumer protection for every corner of the US economy, already has its hands full.

Comcast put out a statement saying they support Net Neutrality and will continue to support a free and open internet, despite lobbying to have the regulations thrown out.

"We've empowered the FTC to take action against any company that might act in any competitive way", Pai said. It's worked before and it will work again.

There is also 5G internet being rolled out later this year that will bring new wireless home internet options.

The IIA issued a statement of support for today's decision, calling it "the right decision" for consumers, investors, and "for the internet itself, as the internet will once again be subject to the rules under which it grew and flourished for almost 20 years".

A local business owner is aggravated over the repeal of net neutrality, which means internet providers now have the ability to slow down particular websites, or speed up connections for customers willing to pay more.

Your internet use could change as net neutrality ends