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Why me and my SNP MPs walked out of parliament today

13 June 2018

Prime Minister's Questions was plunged into chaos after SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford was kicked out for repeatedly challenging Speaker John Bercow.

Most Scottish lawmakers are unhappy at a clause in the European Union withdrawal bill that temporarily restricts the Scottish, Northern Irish and Welsh assembly's powers, leaving them in the hands of the United Kingdom government while the rules governing Britain after Brexit are redrawn.

"The PM silenced Scotland's voice".

The SNP's Ian Blackford was thrown out of the chamber by the speaker of parliament because he refused to sit down after demanding a new debate on Scotland and Brexit. Blackford told BBC News afterwards that he was within his democratic rights to call for an immediate vote within the House, and the walk out was in protest against "the complete disrespect".

"Yet last night she pressed ahead with a power-grab in direct opposition to Scotland's elected Parliament".

"They are the masters of manufactured grievance and the people of Scotland are sick of it".

Mr Blackford was asking for the Commons to sit in private when he was called to ask a question during the weekly PMQs session.

SNP MP Chris Law takes a selfie alongside his party's Westminster leader Ian Blackford outside Parliament after the Commons protest
SNP Westminster leader kicked out of PMQs and MPs follow after he challenges Speaker

Earlier Bercow completely lost control of the Commons as the SNP raged about the cutting short of a debate on devolution last night.

He then demanded a vote on the issue, something which Bercow refused to consent to until PMQs had concluded.

The row held up questions for a further few minutes until the House speaker lost all patience and expelled the SNP leader from the Commons for the rest of the day.

Bercow said: 'I must just say to the House, that I am most grateful to the Prime Minister and before we come to points of order, that for all the turbulence and discord of today's proceedings the little baby who has been observing them has been a model of impeccable behaviour from start to finish'.

The Scottish MP had accused Theresa May's government of a "power grab". But Scotland's devolved parliament, Holyrood, had rejected those measures last month with the backing of all parties save the Scottish Conservatives.

He added the issue would "haunt the Scottish Tories for a generation".

Scottish Secretary David Mundell hit out at the nationalists for "constitutional posturing", saying it was "quite clear that it was never going to be possible to get agreed amendments because quite simply the Scottish Government, the SNP, Nicola Sturgeon have a different view of the constitution from everybody else".

Why me and my SNP MPs walked out of parliament today