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Updated Mazda MX-5 set to feature 181bhp

13 June 2018

For the last 30 years, the Mazda MX-5 Miata has prided itself on nimble handling, not prodigious power.

The Mazda MX-5 looks set for a substantial update with a significant power boost, according to news issued by Japanese auto magazine vehicle Watch.

The report appears to confirm an extra 26 horsepower for the roadster, bumping the 2.0-liter Skyactiv-G engine's output to 181 horsepower.

We like the Mazda MX-5, but have always thought there were a few key areas that needed to be addressed in order for it to become the roadster we knew it could be. Drivers can also stay on the throttle all the way up to 7,500 rpm. Although the magazine drove a Japanese-spec vehicle, we will likely see these performance changes on our version here in the well. Dramatically revised, according to Mazda, the new 2-litre Skyactive unit has a redesigned intake manifold, cylinder heads, pistons and connecting rods.

Away from engine changes, the updated MX-5 is slated to arrive with new customisation options including a new caramel brown fabric top, a tan leather interior option, plus new wheel colour options. Further changes include lighter valves and a lighter flywheel that increase redline from 6800 to 7500rpm that will make a louder noise and nicer note through an improved high-flow muffler. Of more interest is the addition of a telescopically adjustable steering rack - a common bugbear of the current auto. To counteract a weight increase, Mazda used aluminum bits instead of steel in the upper steering column.

Updated Mazda MX-5 set to feature 181bhp