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Trump's vow to end US-South Korea drills catches Pentagon off guard

13 June 2018

Speaking about Kim Jong-un, Dennis Rodman said that North Korea's dictator is, in fact, an intelligent man who wants to be around the world, "loves to have a good time", and is "more like a big kid". We have to talk to them.

Other Republicans raised questions about the necessity of ending the exercises.

US Forces Korea (USFK), which comprises about 28 500 troops permanently based in South Korea, received no immediate new guidance on upcoming joint training exercises, including so-called Ulchi Freedom Guardian scheduled for later this year. "I didn't know anything about North Korea".

"There were no surprises, they had spoken on all of these issues in advance", Dana White, the chief Pentagon spokesperson, told ABC News when asked if Mattis knew about the president's announcement.

"But we believe it is necessary to come up with various measures to improve dialogue more smoothly", the Blue House said.

"Crazy Dennis Rodman is saying I wanted to go to North Korea with him". And yet, somehow we find ourselves with yet more angles to the events in Singapore, with former National Basketball Association star player Dennis Rodman doing the work of attaching another topic that is a favorite of the media, cryptocurrency.

He said "to solve this problem, of course, we need to achieve denuclearisation and complete denuclearisation", Trump's main demand that North Korea should dismantle its nuclear weapons programme.

At the same time, they seemed less rosy about Washington and Seoul's future relationship with Pyongyang, due to a distrust of the North Korean regime and President Moon Jae-in's liberal administration.

Early on Tuesday, just a few hours before his meeting with Kim, Trump wrote on Twitter that "meetings between staffs and representatives are going well and quickly". Trump said he has no plans to decrease the number of US troops in the South as part of security assurances for the North, but he left open the possibility that he will do so in the future.

That said, CNN's Chris Cuomo interviewed him last night - and to say the least, it was interesting. "That is to say, it should be solved through dialogue, through peaceful means", Chinese state councillor and foreign minister Wang Yi said soon after Trump and Kim began their meeting. President Trump, Rodman said, is proud of him and thanks him a lot. "You've got to train, otherwise you start to get rusty".

"That's why we're doing it".

Trump hasn't offered details about halting the exercises, which were already disrupted this year when springtime drills were delayed for the Winter Olympics, which took place in South Korea.

The most significant exercises are held in the spring. The second, Key Resolve, focuses more on command-and-control preparations, with a heavy reliance on computer simulation and about 12,200 US troops and 10,000 South Koreans involved, the Pentagon said in the spring.

Trump's vow to end US-South Korea drills catches Pentagon off guard